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American Gypsy

American Gypsy featuring Arkadiy Gips on violin, Steven Fox on bass, and Neil Jacobs on 12-string guitar


Internationally recognized 12-string guitarist/composer Neil Jacobs, Ukrainian master violinist Arkadiy Gips, and award-winning bassist, Steven Fox form this exciting high-energy “Gypsy power trio”. This highly acclaimed new ensemble transforms Gypsy, Jazz, and World Folk into intriguing new American Music. American Gypsy has thrilled and mesmerized audiences across the United States and Europe. 
Both Neil Jacobs and Arkadiy Gips have a history of performing and traveling with the Gypsies (Roma). Neil resided and studied with Gypsies of Spain from 1994-1996, and Arkadiy traveled with a Gypsy group from Bulgaria in the 80's. Both Arkadiy and Neil have extensive knowledge of Balkan and Slavic folk music and have performed with and composed for the internationally acclaimed group Zivili on numerous occasions.  One particularly memorable journey brought them to the Balkans in the early 90’s.  Here they performed in refugee camps for war victims throughout the Balkan states culminating in a major concert in the war-ravaged center of Sarajevo. 


Arkadiy is perhaps best known for his two years performing with Madonna as the featured violinist on her “Sweet and Sticky Tour”. Steven Fox is a graduate of Ohio State University where he earned his degree in double bass performance.  His musical expertise includes everything from Bluegrass to African music and beyond.  "American Gypsy's" highly acclaimed debut CD was nominated as the American Independent Music Award’s, "Album of the Year"! 

The American Gypsy CD nominated "Album of the Year" at the American Independent Music Awards

“AMERICAN GYPSY, unlike many traditional peasant productions, is apt to reach a wider audience than most: its flamenco styles will draw listeners of Spanish music, its classical precision will appeal to classical musicians, and its gypsy roots will attract Eastern European listeners who will find the blends surprising and refreshing. From flamenco to Hungarian gypsy cafe to near-Klezmer beats, AMERICAN GYPSY provides a host of ethnic-rooted, rollicking guitar songs.”   World Discoveries Review

Some Previous Performances:


Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts,

Milennium Stage, Washington, DC



The Ohio State Fair, International Stage, Columbus, Ohio


Tour of Bulgaria (w/UNESCO’s Balkan Youth Reclamation Program)


The White House Lawn, Washington, DC


Balkan Refugee Camp Tour (Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, & Bosnia)



State Theater, Cleveland, OH





The World Folk Festival



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