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"The Peasant Sabbatical"
Nominated "Best Instrumental CD of the Year", & "Best Song" at the JPF Awards in L.A.

"A fantastic global journey of instrumental music created by a master of the 12-string guitar"

Robert Silverstein - Reviews

"A world music record in the best possible sense of the genre"

Kirk Albrecht - Minor Seventh Reviews

"If you enjoy utterly magnificent instrumental acoustic guitar music, "The Peasant Sabbatical" is a must have"  Renaissance Magazine

"12-String Guitar"
Nominated "Best Solo Guitar CD" & "Best Guitar Song" at the JPF Music Awards in Nashville

"A wall-to-wall fingerpicker's fest"  FAME Review

Neil Jacobs is a virtuoso on the 12-string guitar, with a beautiful and varied guitar tone palette

Marc Nolis, Mazz Muzikas Magazine, Belgium

"Modern Fingerstyle that's sure to send chills up and down your spine"  Cool Cleveland

"Secret Places"

"This award-winning performer and composer has toured the world, bringing a whole new emotional and spiritual virtuosity to the instrument"   FAME Review

"Jacobs does so many things on this CD, that it's a smorgasbord of textures and colors - leaving the listener wanting for more"    Minor Seventh Review

"Neil Jacobs has been around the world, and like a rare find in a souvenir shop he presents us with his wondrous gifts of music. The grown up child in you can find sanctuary in his music"   'Sounding Board' Review, RJ Lannan

"Gentle Gypsy finger-Style & Balkan inspired 12-string guitar music"
 John Diliberto, "Echoes"

"American Gypsy"

Nominated 'Album of the Year' by the American Independent Music Awards, Neil Jacobs' AMERICAN GYPSY is deserving of every honor it receives: the Eastern European Gypsy tradition is deftly captured, along with overtones of jazz and even flamenco.Roma and folk traditions are presented in Neil Jacobs' own guitar styling compositions, supported on many pieces with the Ukrainian violinist Arkadiy Gips.


AMERICAN GYPSY, unlike many traditional peasant productions, is apt to reach a wider audience than most: its flamenco styles will draw listeners of Spanish music, its classical precision will appeal to classical musicians, and its Gypsy roots will attract Eastern European listeners who will find the blends surprising and refreshing. From flamenco to Hungarian gypsy cafe to near-Klezmer beats, AMERICAN GYPSY provides a host of ethnic-rooted, rollicking guitar songs. An outstanding production!   "World Discovery Review"

"World Blue"

Featuring Neil on solo 12-string guitar, “World Blue” is a travelogue. Inspired by ten years of journeys, both real and imagined, Neil weaves a haunting series of tales without words in his own unique captivating style.

""made an instant an deep impression on me with his soulful playing and unique compositions"    The New Age Reporter, Bill Binkeman

“This is a beautiful, soothing album. It is relaxation on guitar. I just drift away, and so will you” Caravan Music Promotions

"Cold Fish"


In the early 1980's, Neil formed a unique fusion ensemble consisting of the unlikely combination of 12-string guitar, tenor sax, piano, and bass. Performing with many jazz greats of the time including Spyro Gyra, Jeff Lorber, Herbie Mann, Kittyhawk, Airto and Flora Purim, "Cold Fish" developed a reputation for outstanding performances. The "Cold Fish" CD is a rare live recording featuring their final performance.

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